Acura Custom Shutters: Before and After

What company should I choose? Who is competent to complete my project correctly and on time? Who will listen to what I am actually trying to achieve? Here are just a few examples of solutions that we have created that not only satisfied our clients needs, but also visually enhanced the work at hand.


The Office Makeover

This client came to us with a vision for their home office makeover that was to include new shutters. The room had existing shutters, however the client wanted to really showcase the volume of wallspace that was there in addition to creating something that was more asthetically pleasing. Those existing shutters were in good shape, but they were not enhancing the final vision of the room that the clients wanted. We designed a set of shutters that included the transom windows and worked carefully with the client to achieve an arch top that met with their vision. The client was able to come to the factory to view the actual panels during production and approve the final shape of the arch. As you can see, the resulting shutters are amazing. We would love to take credit, however our client had the vision. One detail worth mentioning is the solid divider rail (between the top and bottom section of louvers). We took the time to custom size the divider rail so that the client would end up with the maximum number of louvers in the transom window section, and at the same time not impede the view from the lower window. Few of our local competitors have the ability to custom size divider rails, or have the desire to offer it! With the new hardwood floors, the additon of ceiling beams, and a stone wall (across from the shutters), the final transformation was amazing.  The final result is a home office that is both rich in detail and a space that you enjoy working in. Remeber your windows are just a starting point, if you can dream it, we can probably build it.

Utility Doors

In this example, our client had exterior louver doors that were literally falling apart. They are used as utility doors that cover a heater unit on the side of a secondary structure. The original doors were built in pine, which (unless the finish is kept up) will literally deteriorate over time. We built replacement louvered doors in Douglas Fir using a larger 3/8" x 1 3/4" louver blade (as compared to the 1/4" x 1 1/4" louver blade) which stays straighter in a wider door like these are. By using an exterior grade lumber with exterior glues and thicker louvers, these doors will serve them properly for many years to come.



Condo Complex Revitalization

This example is again of utilty doors. These upper and lower louvered doors were used for a utilty service in a condominium development. They have been up for years, and many of the units had not only fallen apart, but clients were taking scraps of lumber to reinforce and keep them together. The homeowners association had a general contractor come in, remove not only the existing shutters, but also replace and rebuild many of the jambs that had decayed from exposure to the elements. We manufactured our larger fixed louver and installed in a poly frame that allowed the shutters to be square and straight to each other. Even if the jambs twist or flex over time, the shutters will still open and close properly.