Traditional Shutters (1 1/4")

Vass-Traditional-DoorsTraditional Shutters are the small louver shutter that have 1 1/4" louver blades usually in a narrow width panel. The thickness of the panel has traditonally been 3/4" of an inch however in recent years, they are also manufactured in the 1 1/8" thickness similar to plantation shutters. Acura Shutters takes pride in being one of the few companies that continues to manufacture this timeless shutter panel design. Use this louver to add to an existing shutter installation, or to capture what this charm that only the traditional louver shutter can offer








Traditional Shutters: based on the 1 1/4" louver, the timeless style of this shutter (also known as the colonial shutter) has had a resugence in recetraditional-louver2p400x471-mm3nt years.